Mano Madre is an ethical fashion brand based in Oaxaca. We work hand in hand with local artisans making one-of-a-kind & high-quality clothing.

Ancient manual traditions are in risk to disappear under the negative pressure of globalization. This includes textile techniques and indigenous languages. The industry of fast fashion is one of the top most polluting industries in the world. Mass-produced clothing have eroded artisanal crafts - which many people, mainly woman, depend on.

Ethical slow-fashion plays a crucial role in sustainability.

Mano Madre is a socially responsible alternative to mass-produced clothing, tributing the vast rich universe of artisanal crafts in Oaxaca.

We encourage a more conscious consumerism, wearing culture and preserving the tradition of the handmade. 
Clothing made with soul, one-of-a-kind pieces. Since 2016.