We believe in timeless clothing.

Our designs are made to last , we do not follow seasons - our collections are ongoing proposals releasing them once we have enough pieces to tell a story, adding new garments as they are created.

Our collection's names as a tribute to the culture we collaborate with, are in zapotec language, a macro-language with different variants all around the state - along with mixtec are the two main native languages of Oaxaca. 

We believe is important to create awareness around these mother languages as they are our intangible heritage and root of our identity, which is fading away. Information is crucial for preservation.


Guie' - Shop Here

This beautiful word means flower, magical pieces inspired by their beauty. 


Sa' Beu' - Shop Here

Meaning Moon Party, silver and golden textiles that shine as the stars.


 Shunca - Shop Here

This names refers to the youngest one in the family. Our first edition, full of dreams.


 Xcú - Shop Here

Xcú is the origin, here we hand-embroider all the stories of this land, from legends to facts.


Nayeeche - Shop Here

Means happiness - clothing for celebration.


Wear your cloths as many times as you can, buy less but better,

purchase things you know are made under human conditions,

and expand your consciousness into every aspect of your life -

including fashion.